Saturday, June 1, 2013

wow its been an extremely long time since I have written anything. I will do a quick update and will most likely continue to document life on a regular basis, but no promises. So today is June 1st. We now have 2 babies. a boy who is 2 yrs and a sweet gal who is 4 months. We live in a new home in san marcos. We have a no AC but a delightful pool to swim in. I spend most days at the park. Drew's business is thriving.(aka things are super stressful and busy). We love our new Ward and the friends that we have made. Little sis Kellie is getting married in 15 days to Will McMullin in the temple. (So So So proud of her). All my family will be together in 2 weeks which is huge becuase I don't know when the last time was that we All were together. (super excited to see Jaymie!) I do a workout video or go on a walk every morning (is that important?). And here are some pictures.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Holiday Happenings

So I have no idea really what to write but def need some update on this thing. So ill write some recent happenings..

Lets start with this passed November-Ok so we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving and had a splended time hanging out with the york family! It is always fun to see what crazy conversations/arguments/facial hair/fights/tears etc. will go down while we are there. This year proved to be not as eventful as a few other years although we did have a new look from chris York every other day or so and one melt down by me due mostly to lack of sleep. I love visiting the York family because they are so real and act how they really are. Emily (Drews sister) does not hold back in any conversation...put her and Tim(her twin brother) together and you always get a great (sometimes embarrassing) conversation. ANYWAY- In Colorado we played lots of ultimate Frisbee, poker and games. Thanksgiving dinner was a feast as usual and Momma York NEVER lets us down. I'M talking TONS of food.

Upon returning from Colorado Drew and I took a work trip to Huatulco MX to train some guys to build a trex deck for some beach front condos. I fell in love with the little town we stayed in and how wonderful and kind the people were. I love their simplistic happy lifestyle. They are happy in their one room concrete cut outs and their jobs of selling hammocks or homemade stuffed animals. What a way to live. It was great to spend time with just drew while carter stayed with gma Jones. I even enjoyed helping build a few of the decks. I really want to go back again someday and I dunno vacation or teach the gospel..both would be awesome.

After mx we came home for a week or two and then left to my parents house (in chino hills)to spend Christmas with them. My sister Heidi and her family were in town so it was great to all play together. We swam a lot! played lots of basketball, skated a little, played at the beach and took a trip to Six flags. It was a very fun week.

We came home new years eve to spend time with our friends in SD. Partay! so excited for this new year!

THEN on January 4th for Drew's 29th birthday I took him snowboarding in Big Bear and we stayed in a fancy smanshy spa sweet for the night. Ok so it wasn't that fancy but well I thought it was going to be. GET this-Every 1/2 hour or so our heater would turn on and make this really loud "Bang Bang" noise. sounded like gun shots. we thought about turning it off but freeZing our butts off would have been far worse. It was a long night with that noise and our extremly small hard bed. but our spa worked great and it was fun to laugh about it the next day. I guess you get what you pay for huh? I am way too cheap. On the way home from our hotel we stopped and rode the alpine slides. we liked it so much we rode them twice. Happy Birthday to Drew! The lover of my life and then some.

things have calmed down a bit with the holidays being over. I spend my days with the sweetest little guy Carter. He brings so much joy into our life, it's crazy to think of what life would be without him. Life would just be dull. Its like eating vegetables all your life and then tasting chocolate for the first time. You never would think of going back to just having vegetables. OK so maybe that is a bad analogy but you get what i'm saying.. (right??)

Ok so it is late (for me)...11:24pm I should be in bed...Drew is having a man night with the brothers (and his soon to be brother n law) I am procrastinating bed time. I hate going to sleep without him. My sister in law is getting married tomorrow!! Let me just tell you how excited I am for them. SO EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITEEEEEEEEEEEED! It is so awesome to see her so happy and I can't help but be happy for them too. Love is such a wonderful thing. ok off to bed I go.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

confession of bad parenting

The other day I fed carter around 11 and put him down for a nap. He woke up around 1 and we left to go to the post office. While at the post office he became super fussy. which is not all that uncommon these days because he is getting his pearly whites. So I continue to do my thing at the post office and let him play with my keys. After leaving the post office I decide to go shopping at Ross. I really needed some new shirts. I shop and shop and fussing/whining/crying the entire time. I let him chew on my finger, play with toys, chew on my finger some more. Poor guy! getting teeth is really rough....the way home I stop and get gas and he continues to cry. Finally he falls asleep.

***ahhh a moment of quiet...

We get home and I transfer him to his crib. As I lay him down he begins to scream. ?? He never screams when he is transferred. Weird. I let him cry and walk into the kitchen to get a snack. It is now 4pm and I'm hungry. I grab some food and sit down. A light goes on. OH MY GOSH!!! I realize that I had never fed my child. like forgot. as in never even crossed my mind. Oh no my poor little guy. I quickly make him a bottle and sit down and feed him. I seriously was going to cry. I felt awful. He was crying and whining the entire time because he was hungry! It had been 5 hours! I am an awful parent. I mean how do you FORGET to feed your child?? I called Drew and confessed to what I had done. Carter ate and was satisfied and went right to sleep and because I felt so bad I fed him when he woke up too. Now that is some seriously bad parenting. annnnd I was doing so good.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just pleasent

written 7/20- .

Not sure what to write but the child has been napping for 3 hours and I am clear out of things to i'll write...

So far summer has been great. We went on a family reunion about 2 weeks ago to a ranch in Utah and have been playing at the beach and pool nearly every day. Carter has learned to love the pool but is still learning to love the beach...He got his first wet suit on fathers day and I can't wait to take him in the waves! He is getting more and more fun as he gets older-he smiles and laughs now at everything and tries to scoot around- (key work TRYs) I love hanging out with him but am so excited for the day that he can crawl or roll over or umm... sit up...something. That will be a good day. Till then we will continue to hang out on the floor, talk and read Dr. sues books . "one fish two fish red fish blue fish" his favorite. For some reason that is the only book that holds his attention. anyway he is such a handsome little fella and I love spending all day with him.

I also enjoy spending time with Drew...about two months after Carter had been born Drew started feeling neglected. He would say things like "you like carter more than me" or "why don't you want to stay up late and watch a movie with me?" or "why don't you love me anymore?" Obviously he knew I still loved him but clearly he needed more love than I was giving. sad...well I fixed the problem-I started putting carter to bed early! Now you may be thinking "duh, that was an easy adjustment" but No. not. that. easy. at the time, early to bed for Carter meant earlier feeding for Carter- as in 3-4am instead of 5-6am...It was hard and I was tired but let me tell you hanging out with just Drew and I each night for 2 hours was refreshing and fun. It made things better... lots better! Andrew Ryan York you were worth it.

anyway, since I am apparently going on a romantic spill about my husband ill go on...

I love spending time with Drew. We play this game Monopoly deal that our friends Jordan and Luke taught us. We are obsessed. As in we play everyday at least 3 times! we even started keeping a score chart. Whenever one of us wins it counts as $10. We made a price sheet where you can win things. For example: Back massage-$100 Dishes-$30 baby duty $40 . Get it? Yes we really did..... I hate giving back massages...that's a different subject though.

well it is now 9/12 and My carter boy is nearly 6 months and friends- he can roll really well now and he crawls.... backward. and it's great! I still love my husband, our nights together as well as monopoly deal... oh and my baby boy is more and more delightful each day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

I love being a mom

So I have officially fallen in love with being a mom. I just love it! I love holding him, cuddling with him and hanging out with him all day. We talk together, sing together and cry together. I do most of the talking and singing and he does most of the crying. He likes whatever I sing and listens to me really well-he never interrupts either. We have a perfect relationship. I love that his little personality is starting to show through.

All about Carter:

*He hates to be swaddled at night and works his very hardest to break free until he is too tired to fight anymore and then falls asleep.
* Loves baths! and spas. (warm water) When I wash his hair he brings his arms back so that he can put his tiny hands in the warm water.
*Loves to lay on his belly and look around.
*Loves diaper changes. (when I change his diaper he stops crying instead of starts) strange.
*He loves to cuddle.
*refuses the pacifier if he is hungry.
*makes the loudest farts ever (must get that from Drew)
*Is a great sleeper! Most nights I get at least one 5 hour stretch. (makes for a very happy mommy.)
*Loves tummy time with Daddy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Carter Ryan York

Carter is finally home and healthy as of last Tuesday. He was born at 9:28am and was 7lb 13oz.

Because he was born at 38 weeks he had some trouble breathing and was treated with antibiotics, oxygen and a ventilator for a week in the NICU. Bringing him home for the first time was just as exciting (if not more exciting) than the day he was born. He is so far a really good baby and sleeps most nights besides waking up for feedings. The nurses told us how good he does at night and the first night he came home was a disaster- he did not sleep at all. I was not so sure what i signed up for after that...but since that first night he has been good. I am hoping he can stay that way but I guess we will see. He is seriously so fun and sweet - we LOVE him so so much. It is so fun to just sit and watch him make his silly faces and look around. The love I have for him is unexplainable. It's not the wife loves husband kind of love its different than that. I still haven't figured out how to explain it- I am sure if you are a parent you know what I mean.

When they took him to the NICU for the first night we thought it would be a one night thing and that he would be better in the morning. The following morning when we got word that he was not doing well, we went to see him and his sweet wide eyes looked up at us as he struggled for air and it killed me to see him in such a way. I broke down crying and holding his finger and telling him that it was going to be ok. I don't know if he understood me but somehow I felt like he did. Another hard thing was coming home from the hospital without him. Driving home with an empty car seat and sleeping next to an empty bassinet was not at all what we were expecting. After getting through those hard moments and maybe a few others unmentioned we accepted things for how they were and played it by ear day by day until he was able to come home.

I must say I really enjoyed my time with Drew. We would go visit carter early in the morning and then take breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks and then go home for the night. Since the cafeteria would only give me a free lunch pass we would load up my plates with as much food as we could fit on it and get the largest dessert available. Usually it was a giant cup of pudding with cookies inside of it. One day we had a pudding vs water fight-OH our immaturity- but it was so fun! I believe I won when he ended with pudding all over his shirt, given my hair was wet but at least it wasn't brown.

They hospital also had amazing ice- like the best ever- I miss it. What else-I think our favorite part about watching Carter in NICU was when he would A. get the hiccups B. sneeze C. fart D. Burp. I mean I never knew such a little guy could produce such loud noises that shake his entire body. so needless to say as hard as it was-- we made it good and came home from the hospital perhaps more prepared than we would have been had we come straight home.

We love our new and improved little family!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OUR pregnant selfs

For my sister Heidi's birthday her husband agreed to fly her out to California so she could hang out with us for a few days. While she was here we celebrated our birthdays since they are only 2 days apart, threw Kellie a baby shower and took lots of pictures with our big bellies. Our babies are all due a few weeks apart so it was fun to go places together and see the looks we got from people. Especially the sees candy store! I loved spending so much time at home with the fam. and can't wait till we all (including oldest sister Jaymie) can hang out again! Here are some pics. :)

Kellie by some of the food we made for her shower.

Lighting our candels
Our pregnant selfs....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mystery Murder Dinner

Last week we were privileged to go to a mystery murder dinner with our friends Kindsay and Erik Norton to help celebrate Kindsay's birthday. We all had no idea what to expect but thought it sounded fun and funny.

After driving out to Escondido we found the restaurant in the back corner of a run down shopping center. The sign for the restaurant was only half lit up and the place looked pretty ghetto. Inside the restaurant all the actors were dressed up and in character, we took our seats along with about 25 other people.

For dinner they brought us salad, and then we got to choose our main course. Kindsay and I chose veggie lasagna (which turned out to be meat lasagna without the meat) and the boys had ribs. It was pretty tasty. While we ate, we watched the play go on around us and the murder of Red and Horn blower unravel. At the end of the play we each had a chance to guess who the killer was! Turned out it was Anabell the cook. She poisoned them with her squirrel stew. Nasty little lady.

Kindsay (who said she had no idea what was going on the entire time) made the correct guess and won tickets to their next show. wahoo! lol She also got a mug full of kisses as a gift for her birthday.

Not too bad! :) It was a funny night out and we are glad they invited us to go!! Can't wait to celebrate something else with them.

here are some fun pics.

Annabel the KILLER is the one standing between Kindsay and Erik.